Most important things in basketball

Basketball – the dynamic and spectacular sport allowing to receive good physical activity and to learn to work in team.

It is possible to play basketball all the year around: in the summer – in the fresh air, in the winter – in a hall. Basketball rings will be practically on any covered sports ground.
Emergence history

Basketball – a rare example of a popular sport which has a founder and date of emergence. It was thought up by the teacher of the American college James Naismith in 1891.

Working as the physical education teacher, he noticed that in winter time when all classes are given in a hall, to students bothers to do the same exercises.

Physical activity

Are not sure, what basketball – sport which suits you? We will prompt how to choose physical activity for you if you want to grow thin, build a muscle, to develop endurance or flexibility.

Naismith remembered the children’s game “duck on the rock” in which it was necessary to throw a stone on top of other, larger stone.

It gave to students a ball, on opposite balconies of the sports hall hung up baskets without bottom.

In 45 years basketball appeared in the program of the Olympic Games at which Naismith was present at quality of the guest of honor. Now basketball – one of the most popular sports.

It gained the greatest development in the USA where the championship of National basketball association is held, but also in other countries it is very popular.

Choosing the ball

Ball is the number one thing in this game because it’s the main piece. Players share the ball during the offense and the main purpose is to score points against defending team. Using appropriate basketball is essential to the game and there are few types with different characteristics:

They have different sizes for various age groups and genders.

Different materials that suits the surface, for indoor is softer and for outdoor it has rougher surface to get good grip and overall performance.

Modern basketball

Play constantly replaced structures from five players modern basketball.

Game is conducted on a platform of 28×15 m in size. On the distant ends of a platform at the height of 290 cm boards of 180×105 cm in size to which rings are attached hang.
Problem of teams – to throw a ball in the rival’s ring.

For hit at a short distance, in the so-called three-point line which is located at distance of 6 meters 75 centimeters from a ring (in the USA – 7 meters 24 centimeters), team 2 points, from more distant distance – 3 points, for a throw from a penalty – 1 point are added.

That team which will score more points for four periods for 10 minutes (in the USA – 12 minutes) wins.

Basketball has some versions. One of them – minibaskt which was thought up too by the American teacher.

Jay Archer applied the facilitated balls and reduced height of rings, having adapted game for children.

Streetball became the most popular kind of game. This street kind of basketball appeared in the poor regions of the USA in the 1950th years.

In streetball game is conducted on one ring. Play two teams on three persons. The attacking and defending teams change in turn.

Than it is useful?

Basketball as any command sport requiring continuous return from each player, first of all, allows to develop endurance.

Other qualities necessary for successful game, – good coordination of movements, flexibility, mobility and a spring ability.

Besides, basketball – excellent school for training of interaction in team. Success of game depends not only on the developed eye estimation of players, but also on ability to understand intentions and tactics of other members of team.

Not the last role is played by ability instantly to make decisions, considering a game situation.

All these qualities will be useful and for work in collective, and for advance on a career ladder.


Unfortunately, as well as the majority of game sports, basketball it is quite injury-causing.

The weakest spot of the basketball players are knees.

Specifics of game assume sharp changes of the direction and speed which alternate with the forced jumps during throws, by fight for a riding ball and attempts to cover a throw.

All this occurs during dense contact with the rival.

The second for frequency injured place is a shoulder. Game is conducted by hands, and contact between players often happens “a shoulder in a shoulder”.

Besides, because of frequent changes of the direction of the movement of stop often is in unnatural situation therefore the ankle is quite often injured.

Other specific trauma of many streetball players are grazes. If in “big” basketball play on a parquet, street basketball players often play on asphalt.

How to avoid injuries?

The majority of injuries during game in basketball it is possible to avoid.

The way to be saved is identical to all game sports: just before game good warm-up and an extension are necessary.

It is even better if the fan of basketball includes in the daily program of exercise on flexibility development, coordination of movements and elements of cardio training.

Besides, the special footwear will protect from leg injuries. “Basketball” sneakers densely hold an ankle, without allowing it to be damaged even at serious loads of a joint.

Professional athletes also carry special kneecaps and even caps to protect teeth.

The most important

Basketball – a dynamic and spectacular sport. He trains endurance and coordination of movements, allows to learn to work in team.

To avoid injuries during game, it is necessary to warm up and stretch carefully, and also to use the footwear which is specially intended for basketball.