Getting rid of smell of cigars

One of the main reasons for which smokers at last refuse the habit – a constant awful smell from a mouth, from hands and hair. And if you so far cannot leave off smoking in any way, our advice will help you at least a little to weaken tobacco aroma not to irritate with it itself and people around.

Get rid of a smell of cigars from a mouth

  1. If suddenly you have always with yourself a toothbrush and paste, carefully clean teeth and also language and cheeks. Or at least rinse a mouth water.
  2. A popular and simplest method – chewing gum. But you do not hurry to stock up on mint small pillows: they, strangely enough, very indifferently save from a tobacco smell. Your choice – fruit chewing gum.
  3. Use special lollipops which are on sale in each drugstore.
  4. Eat a segment of a lemon, orange, grapefruit, a slice of rigid apple or carrots.
  5. Drink strong tea (black or green) or coffee.
  6. Chew a coffee kernel.
  7. Chew a carnation or bay leaf. The method is effective, but the taste of these spices very seldom to whom is pleasant and at office, for example, it is simpler to find coffee.
  8. Ginger helps from a smell. Make with it tea or chew a slice of the candied ginger.

Various refreshing sprays work not for long and not always well.

Get rid of a smell of cigars from hands

  1. Use a mouthpiece. It looks, of course, extravagantly, but will smell from fingers much less.
  2. Wash up hands with soap and that is important, cold water.
  3. Wipe hands with wet towel wipes. Of course, they have to be fresh, but not moist, and with rather strong aroma. Remember that smells also from face skin therefore if you do not need to care for safety of a make-up, wipe it with wet towel wipes too. When the napkin a little dry up, it is possible to wipe slightly and clothes, trying not to leave noticeable damp marks.
  4. Good way to prevent hands from taking the smell is to use gloves. There is a great resource about all kinds of gloves, different types and purpose driven gloves for each person.
  5. Antiseptic hand gel helps. But it usually dries leather therefore alternate this method to others.
  6. There are special creams and gels for smokers, however it is not so simple to find them in sale.
  7. Pound in hands lemon or an orange-peel.
  8. Wash up hands with the coffee thick taken from the coffee maker.

Get rid of a smell of cigars from hair

  1. It is possible to prevent absorption of a smell in hair if before a campaign in a smoking-room to collect them in a bunch or to braid a hard braid, to put on a cap, a hood or a cap.
  2. Not so long ago among cosmetics veils for hair appeared. It the perfumed means as a part of which there is no alcohol but are various substances, useful to hair. The veil is applied in the morning on dry or moist hair and envelops them, giving aroma and interfering with absorption of external smells.
  3. It is possible to muffle a smell of cigarettes also habitual toilet water. Sprinkle some to hairbrush and brush the hair. Only be not overzealous: too strong aroma of perfume will confuse people around as well as a tobacco smell.
  4. If you have a little time and it is not necessary to protect laying, it is possible to refresh hair with dry shampoo.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to call any of these ways absolutely effective. The tobacco smell all the same foully makes the way through aromas of favorite toilet water and coffee, is added to your breath and remains on what you touch after a smoke break. The best way to get rid of a smell of cigarettes is to leave off smoking.