How to smoke a cigar

“The cigar demands very careful attitude. Smoking of a cigar – the most real ritual”, is often told by experts. Actually, everything is much simpler. There are some simple rules, carrying out which you take a pleasure maximum from a cigar.

How to cut off a cigar

To begin smoking first of all it is necessary to cut off the sealed cigar tip. Once it was bitten off with teeth, cut off by a knife, or was punctured a pricker or any sharp subject. All three ways are ideal only if you want to spoil a cigar: it will badly last or unevenly to burn, leave tobacco slices on lips, the integumentary leaf can even be developed. To get rid of a hat, without having done to a cigar any harm, the smoker will need the special device – the boat.


There are some types of boats the most widespread of which is the guillotine. Guillotines happen to one or with two edges – the last it is better. Other popular type of the boat — cigar scissors. Using these devices, the cigar needs to be cut off, having receded about three millimeters from the end so that from a hat on a cigar there was a thin ringlet — it under no circumstances will not allow an integumentary leaf to be developed.

Substantially life of the smoker is facilitated by two other types of boats. The punch does not cut off a cigar tip entirely, and only cuts out in it an opening depth in some millimeters. However, it is suitable only for direct cigars and can do nothing with a sharp tip of a torpedo or a pyramid. The V-shaped boat cuts out in a cigar tip deepening in the form of the corresponding letter of the Latin alphabet.

Regardless of to what type of the boat you gave preference, the prime attention should be paid to quality of its edge. It has to be very sharp and, whenever possible, remain such as it is possible more long. Stupid edges, like human teeth or a knife, do not cut off a cigar tip, and tear off it, breaking structure of a gentle tobacco leaf.

How to light a cigar

The first and the main thing governed: by no means it is impossible to get a light a cigar from a petrol lighter! Tobacco is very sensitive to smells, and it will instantly absorb “aroma” of gasoline. It is undesirable to use for a lighting and cardboard matches, paper or candles as the smoke from them also possesses pronounced sharp aroma.

The cigar can be got a light from gas lighters, wooden matches or a cedar chip. It is most convenient to use a special turbo flamer. Gas in such lighter is supplied by a narrowly targeted stream under pressure. The turbo flamer and allows to light a cigar most precisely.

The second rule – do not to hurry! Getting a cigar lighted, it should be kindled accurately, as much as possible evenly. To achieve the best result, professionals advise to observe simple sequence:

bring a cigar tip to a flame at an angle of 90 degrees and turn it around its pivot-center until it does not start smoldering evenly on all circle;
clamp a cigar lips and, having brought a flame on distance of one centimeter from a tip, start sipping it, continuing to rotate;
in end it is necessary to blow slightly on the lit tip to be convinced that the cigar burns evenly.


Cigar – not a cigarette, it cannot be tightened! Business not only that the strong smoke can burn a throat and lungs. It is necessary to understand that in a cigar the main thing not nicotine. Inhale a smoke so that it simply filled a mouth, and enjoy its taste! Enjoy aroma which will gradually shroud all space around you.

Strict rules of smoking are not present — do it as it is pleasant to you, after all the cigar is created for pleasure. And for the same reason – relax and do not hurry at all! If understand that time for a cigar is not enough, or around improper – better do not light a condition at all!

Having smoked a cigar, do not extinguish it. Simply leave a cigar in an ashtray, and let it will go out.

Many disputes cause a question: whether to get a light newly suddenly gone out cigar? Do not look for the answer, get a light anew and continue to derive pleasure! The main thing — let’s a cigar cool down, differently it will be hopelessly spoiled.

Best of all cigars are combined with hard alcoholic drinks. Classical it is considered a combination to cognac. However, at all not worse Armagnacs and brandy approach a cigar. From islands of the Caribbean Region there is a rum — one more remarkable drink perfectly suitable as maintenance to cigars. The mass of interesting solutions can be found, experimenting cigars and whisky.

The main principle is simple – tastes of cigars and drinks have to be combined, supplementing each other, but not to clash among themselves at all. Besides, they have to belong to one weight category — otherwise one taste simply will kill another. Less saturated drinks will approach easy cigars better, for stronger it makes sense to choose older, sustained alcohol.

Contrary to delusion, cigars can be combined both with champagne, and with martini, and with fortified wines. And for those who does not drink at all, always there will be a cup of good coffee. Not without reason this drink, along with cognac is included in the classical three of “three C”: coffee, cognac, cigars.