Wayne Gretzky

Athletes are also humans – they love cigars

Athletes are also human, as we know, many of them smoke. For most of athletes smokers it is just an addiction, but only some do it with chic, appearing on tapes of news agencies with a cigar in a mouth.

Wayne Gretzky

In due time Wayne Gretzky promoted cigars of Habana Club and conceived a liking for this addiction.

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona loves cigars – smokes on three-four in day.

Miguel Angel Jimenez

The famous golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez smokes a cigar during the training before start of one of the international tournaments.

Michael Jordan

The basketball player Michael Jordan with a cigar everywhere: houses, in the car, on receptions, during the interview.

Oliver Kahn

The football goalkeeper Oliver Kahn often celebrated a victory with a cigar in teeth.

Alex Rodriguez

Over the last 10 years the baseball player Alex Rodriguez earned 291 million dollars. It is possible not to save on good cigars.

Edin Dzeko

The player of football of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Italian club “Roma” Edin Dzeko celebrates a victory with a cigar.