Getting rid of smell of cigars

One of the main reasons for which smokers at last refuse the habit – a constant awful smell from a mouth, from hands and hair. And if you so far cannot leave off smoking in any way, our advice will help you at least a little to weaken tobacco aroma not to irritate with it […]

Wayne Gretzky

Athletes are also humans – they love cigars

Athletes are also human, as we know, many of them smoke. For most of athletes smokers it is just an addiction, but only some do it with chic, appearing on tapes of news agencies with a cigar in a mouth. In due time Wayne Gretzky promoted cigars of Habana Club and conceived a liking for […]

How to smoke a cigar

“The cigar demands very careful attitude. Smoking of a cigar – the most real ritual”, is often told by experts. Actually, everything is much simpler. There are some simple rules, carrying out which you take a pleasure maximum from a cigar. How to cut off a cigar To begin smoking first of all it is […]

Most important things in basketball

Basketball – the dynamic and spectacular sport allowing to receive good physical activity and to learn to work in team. It is possible to play basketball all the year around: in the summer – in the fresh air, in the winter – in a hall. Basketball rings will be practically on any covered sports ground. […]